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Contact: Pamela McGhee
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Second Annual Integrative Dermatology Symposium to Convene in San Diego October 3-5, 2019


Experts in the practices of Western, Naturopathic, Ayurvedic, and Traditional Chinese Medicine from around the world will convene at dermatology conference.


San Diego, CA –  LearnSkin, focused on integrative health education, is bringing together thought leaders from across the world for its second annual Integrative Dermatology Symposium. The event will cover common skin concerns to aesthetics to dermatology disease and is designed to allow practitioners across disciplines to work collaboratively to provide treatment options for lifelong wellness.


“We are excited to continue the momentum from our inaugural Symposium last year to bring diverse medical specialties together, focusing on prevention, education and lifestyle management to better help with patient outcomes in dermatology,” says Venita Sivamani, Co-Founder and CEO of LearnSkin. “Our goal is to ensure access to high quality, credible, science-backed information, from a wide range of specialties, focused on dermatology to help everyone feel their best from the inside out. The fact that the symposium sold out in its first year speaks to the demand for this type of education. We’re excited to see so much interest in the concept of integrative dermatology.”


With growing healthcare costs and an increasing demand for complementary and integrative medicine, a new approach for public health is needed. Recent studies by the National Institute of Health suggest that 70% of individuals look at complementary and alternative approaches to healthcare. Because of this, LearnSkin. believes an integrative medicine approach to skin conditions, the number one driver of doctor’s visits, is the future of healthcare.


“With about one-third of the country afflicted with a skin disorder, we have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact by empowering people and practitioners to make better decisions for themselves and their patients,” stated Sivamani. “By working collaboratively across healthcare systems and disciplines, we can better support the community and patients.”



The Symposium will cover a wide range of topics from common conditions seen in clinic to advanced therapeutics, such as:

  • Gut, Diet, and Skin Microbiome
  • Cannabinoids and Cosmeceuticals
  • Genetics and Personalized Medicine
  • Mind-Body Medicine
  • Use of Panchakarma and Reiki 
  • Hair Loss and Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Aesthetics for Skin of Color
  • Sleep, Stress, and Cellular Aging
  • Integrative Approach to Pediatric Dermatology
  • Acupuncture and TCM 
  • Compounding Pharmacy for Your Practice
  • Emerging Therapies in Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, and Acne
  • And more!


The event’s pioneering approach to blending the best of preventative and acute care, appeals to a wide cross section of healthcare practitioners with attendees ranging from dermatologists, family practice physicians, pediatricians, osteopathic doctors, naturopathic doctors, physician assistants, nurses, acupuncturists, and Ayurveda practitioners.

“I am both honored and excited to be a part of the Integrative Dermatology Symposium. This is such an important milestone because it will bring the best of both conventional care and some of the unconventional approaches that are so important to many of our patients and all of us with the intent to get our patients better,” says steering committee member Peter Lio, MD.


To learn more about the symposium, visit https://ids.test2.redblink.net.


About LearnSkin

LearnSkin is an integrative skin care education company based in Sacramento, CA. Its mission is to provide high quality, evidence-based, peer-reviewed, dermatology-vetted education and courses taught by leading experts in medicine and cosmetics for the public. 

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